Techosoft Technologies History

We are celebrating the 3 years anniversary of Techosoft Technologies. We start our journey in 2018. We are providing services like Web Development, Mobile Development, and Digital Marketing.

I am Kumar Satyam, Founder & CEO of Techosoft Technologies. I have 4+ years of experience in Laravel development, Business development, and consulting for a new startup company. I like to work with new startup companies because we are growing together.

I am thankful to Mr. Chandan Pandit who guided me when I was thinking of starting my business. But Mr. Chandan sir guided me and converted my thoughts into reality. Mr. Chandan Pandit is my mentor, whenever we need Mr. Chandan Pandit is always ready to consult me whenever we need any technical support. Thanks, Mr. Chandan Pandit. I hope we grow together, and you are always with me whenever I need any type of help.

Abhishek and Jitendra Sharma, are college friends. When we start a business, these friends support me, and we are doing work together as a founder member. We work as a team. Thanks to my friend to help achieve our vision. I hope we can fulfill our dreams together.When we are new in the market, we don't know how to do work, and we don't know how to get business. That time  Mr. Kailash Pandey consulted me as a friend and shared an experience with us. Mr. Kailash Pandey also running Weblabz Technologies. Nowadays, we work together. Thanks, Mr. Kailash Pandey. I am thankful to Mr. Dinesh Sharma who trained me to face any type of technical problem. Mr. Dinesh Sharma also runs Onetick Technologies. I am thankful he gave me the opportunity when I started my career. He gave me the best guidance as a brother and friend. Thanks, Mr. Dinesh Sharma. I hope you are always with me when I need any type of guidance. I am thankful to Mr.Asman Malhotra. He is the best technical adviser. He has knowledge of how to train a new student. He is giving me technical advice whenever we need it.

I am thankful to my client. Because clients trust me to help each other. We are giving the best result to my client. Because we know if the client grows, so we also grow.

Now I am thankful to my Techosoft Technologies family. We are also thankful for who left the company, and we give you best wishes for your success. I know we are not a large-scale company. But we know, when we work together we can grow together. 

Thanks for your support for the special person in my life

Mr. Chandan Pandit, Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Mr. Asman Malhotra, Mr. Abhishek, Mr. Jitender Sharma, Mr. Vinesh Majithia, Mr. Amitav Pandit, Mr. Rahul Chaube, Mr. Yash Rathod, Mr. Gaurav Sengar, Mr. Shiv Kumar, Mr. Mohit Kumar 

Thanks & Regards

Kumar Satyam

(Founder & CEO)

Techosoft Technologies