Swift is an Apple-developed, high-level programming language that was made available in 2014. It is designed for writing applications, including macOS , iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, for Apple platforms. Objective-C, which was used in the 1980s for NeXTSTEP development, and later for macOS and iOS, is based on the Swift language. Swift has identical syntax and retains Objective-C 's object-oriented features, but delivers a programming interface that is more streamlined. Swift code, for instance, is simpler to read and write than Objective-C. It allows the combination of multiple typical commands and includes semicolons (;) at the end of each sentence. Additionally, Swift automatically handles multiple programming hurdles. For example, Swift: initialises variables before using "zero" (NULL) handles specifically ensures that array indices are bound to prevent integers from overflowing their allocated memory automatically manages memory Since version 6 (released in 2014), Apple's Xcode software development IDE has sponsored Swift. Xcode also supports "Swift Playgrounds," a functionality that makes it easy for programmers to edit Swift code and automatically see the effects. The playground, for instance, will view the source code on the left and an app emulator on the right. Changes to the code on-the-fly upgrade the app simulation. With Xcode, multiple playgrounds are included to provide an simple means of learning the language. As the Swift language is being developed and maintained by Apple, it is designed for Apple hardware.

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